Are interested in grid-tied systems or want to go off-grid, Small or large, tiny houses, caravans, motor homes and houses. Sun Electrical can provide all the electrical expertise.  We are in the business of selling solar Systems that are tailored to your needs. Our expertise is in identifying your requirements and designing a specific system to best suit your needs for solar power.  


Live in sunny Nelson and have an electric hot water cylinder?  Adding a solar power system to your property is a wise investment which will not only save you money in power costs, but add chattel value to your building. 

Lets face is how much return do the bank give to you ????


Do you already have a system?  Make more of the energy your system generates -" use it or lose it " Sun Electrical can help you make the most of your solar power system.  

  We can discuss your requirements by consultation - each system is different and requires site checks, we can no longer do this for free, as 60% of customers do not have a good payback and after a consultation do not go ahead.

( However there are businesses out there, that are more than happy to sell you any system,  that may work or you or maybe the power company)



"We have noticed a significant decrease in power cost since installing the system.  Sun Electrical were on the ball in helping us choose the right system and its placement.  It was the right investment for us, it gives us a good return right through the year.  Cheers Sun Electrical."  - Lex,  Mapua

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A recent installation


Solar can power your hot water cylinder, by using excess solar to heat your water, rather than sending it to the grid.